Defining a Premier Brand

A behind-the-scenes look at how The Premier Property Group distinguishes itself in the market.

Consumers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. In an age where the noise flooding any marketplace can be deafening, how does a company effectively break through and make a connection with its audience?

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Emerald Coast Thankful: From Our Table to Yours

As we look ahead to November and reflect on the coming holiday, our team here at The Premier Property Group (PPG) recognizes that we have many reasons to be thankful. Not only are we celebrating 15 years as one of the top locally-owned, independent real estate firms in Northwest Florida, but we get to represent some of the most amazing clients and communities in the state and beyond.

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Defining a Better Cocktail Experience

Local mixologist aims to educate, demonstrate and collaborate 

What cocktails are on the menu for your next event? Will one-of-a-kind libations inspire guest palettes? Will friends or family leave remembering the smooth, natural flavors of the wine served?

When it comes to parties and events, local mixologist Christine Tarpey says that all too often, the beverage experience takes a backseat to food—and it’s a considerable “miss” on the opportunity scale.

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Cottage Gardens Offer Whimsical Emerald Coast Landscapes

The Emerald Coast’s year-round temperate climate and long growing season offer an abundance of opportunities to get outdoors and nourish beautiful landscapes. In fact, lavish cottage gardens grace homes in many communities served by The Premier Property Group as residents find that these informal, diverse creations are a perfect fit for eclectic, laid-back coastal lifestyles.

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Emerald Coast Chefs Craft Flavorful Food, Memorable Experiences

Distinctive experiences come in many shapes and sizes along the Emerald Coast. A feast for the senses, our region is home to stunning water views and lush natural surroundings, soft, sugar-white beaches, the smell of warm Gulf breezes and, of course, tastes that will delight even the most discriminating palate.  

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Buying a second home on the Emerald Coast

Some things to consider before taking the plunge

The Emerald Coast is an attractive area for investing in second homes. In recent articles we’ve told you about the area’s healthy tourism and economic outlook and why the future of real estate sales is expected to remain promising. Just as a refresher, visitor numbers in South Walton alone grew from 3.2 million in 2015 to 4.1 million in 2017. The Emerald Coast enjoys a high volume of return visitors (more than 10 times for many), and the majority rent condos or homes during their stay.

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Thirty-One on 30A: Setting a New Standard for Gulf-Front Lifestyle

There is a lot to celebrate about The Premier Property Group’s (PPG’s) Thirty-One on 30A’s development. Namely, it’s the first gulf-front condominium project introduced along scenic Highway 30A in more than a decade, making it a rare find. Not only does the $70 million project encompass the most up-to-date, contemporary design elements, but it is state-of-the-art in terms of building codes and technological offerings when compared to neighboring luxury developments.

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Emerald Coast Traveler Update: Who’s Visiting and Why?

Last November, we shared with you encouraging statistics about Northwest Florida’s healthy tourism outlook. The regions served by The Premier Property Group are witnessing attractive trends in terms of visitor growth, economic impact and real estate investment.

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Coastal Design Trends – What to look for in 2019

Out with the old and in with the new! While every new year offers an opportunity for new beginnings, it’s also a great time to consider a fresh look to brighten up real estate investments and align with the latest trends.

Rena Anderson, a Premier Property Group (PPG) design consultant, offers some insight into what’s on the horizon in 2019 for new construction along with effective ways to update an existing look.

Paint –A simple new color can dramatically change the mood and look of any home. In 2019, look for warmer palettes to begin replacing the cool whites and grays that saturated the design industry in recent years. Anderson suggests shifting to warmer whites with matte black as a strong accent and jewel or primary colors for bold pops of color.

Consumer Reports – Hottest Interior Paint Colors of 2019 coins the phrase “restorative power of nature” in revealing the inspiration behind the leading color selections for 2019. For our coastal market, Anderson says that hues derived from the palest grains of sand to the boldest Caribbean blue and tropical greens will soon begin surfacing on walls, fabrics and accessories.

Green/Eco-Friendly Options – In tandem with greater focus on the environment, “green” interior options are becoming readily available. Wood flooring harvested from sustainable forests, recycled and engineered woods are very popular—hence PPG’s use of Naturally Aged engineered European white oak flooring in residences at Thirty One on 30A.

While trends in countertops have run the gamut from laminates to granite, marble and quartz, the new kid on the block in 2019 is large format porcelain. Fabricated in large 5’ x 11’ slabs and a thin 6mm profile, Anderson says these options make a perfect remodeling alternative and can be installed on top of an existing countertop. “It tolerates extremely high temperatures and is non-porous, which translates to an antimicrobial surface that is also scratch and chemical resistant,” she notes.

Durability/Low Maintenance – Because salt, sea and sand are harsh to most flooring products, Anderson says that new “wood-look” luxury vinyl plank flooring is becoming a serious contender against porcelain, hardwood and stone. “Soap and water are all that’s required for maintenance as homeowners at PPG’s Miller’s Landing development are discovering to their delight,” she said.

Also, recent demands placed on the textile and furniture industry have resulted in fabrics once considered “bullet-proof and outdoor” to be used for indoor upholstery. Anderson pointed to Sunbrella and Perennials, like the fabrics used in the lobbies of Vista Del Mar and Thirty One on 30A, as some of her top choices when designing commercial spaces, noting that the texture, colors and pattern options have expanded greatly.

Interior and exterior design movements are constantly changing, although some trends along the Gulf Coast have staying power. “Many looks have a classic appeal on the Emerald Coast,” Anderson said. “For instance, eclectic interiors incorporating vintage and antiques furnishings with the trim lines of modern upholstery are a local favorite and can translate into an elegant coastal look or something more relaxed casual.”

Living Your Best Life in 2019

The start of a new year naturally feels like an opportunity to reset our lives.

It’s why about half of adults resolve to do things better when the calendar turns to January. We set our sights on making important lifestyle changes that will improve the new year and leave us feeling more accomplished and more effective.

At Premier Property Group, our goals are similar. We’re striving to serve our community better and increase our global reach. And we want to equip you—our agents and customers— with the premier services that help you aspire to live your best life.

So how do all of us increase our odds at success?

Begin by recognizing that the most common resolutions usually involve changing habits, and those habits are automatic behaviors. The unfortunate reality is that statistics suggest only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions!

Yet, our lives are full of habits that we developed without even trying very hard, so it IS possible to establish new ones. It simply involves a bit of science.

1. Attach your new habit to an existing habit. Science suggests that change stems from creating new habits in place of the old ones. If you attach your new habit to something you’re already habitually doing, you’ll increase the odds of adopting it into your routine. You’ll also find that small changes are much easier to maintain than sweeping changes like “exercise every day.”

2. Make one change at a time. If your goal is to be healthier, don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to make multiple changes at once. Focus exclusively on implementing one change at a time, and use small successes as motivation to move on to additional changes. Set metrics and personal goals and benchmark against those daily. Once a goal is achieved, you will know it’s time to move on to the next change.

3. Share your goal with someone else. Accountability works. Conversely, it’s easy to ditch your resolutions quickly if you haven’t invited anyone to help you stay on track. Friends or co­workers who know you’re trying to eat healthy can support you by recommending healthy food spots for lunch or ditching the mid­week donut run. You may also find that others can benefit from your accountability.

4. Don’t limit yourself to January. Fitness centers are crammed with well ­intentioned people in January, and less crowded as the year wears on. If you stumble in your new habits or you lapse into your old ones, don’t wait an entire calendar year to get back on the wagon. Choose one small change to make, attach it to an existing habit, and then rally your support network to help you succeed.

You’re going to create new habits this year, sometimes without even meaning to. Be intentional about the habits you adopt and seek small improvements that turn to small successes.

Let’s make this a great year.